Benefits of Document Management
Discover a Tailor Made SolutionIn an ever-evolving world, where process and software automation has become the norm, there is also an overwhelming amount of information at your fingertips. Identifying and analysing the most important information however has also become more difficult, as many companies experience “analysis paralysis”, a state where there is too much information where people tend to over-analyse the situation to the point that it becomes too difficult to interpret and therefore a decision is never taken.
Through the Implementation of a Document Management Solution,A company is able to identify its most important documents and classify them as such. It adds direction to employees as to what must be kept and in what way it should be kept in order for them to be efficiently retrieved when needed.

Below we have identified some of the most important benefits that a company will experience once an effective document management solution is implemented.

Better Service to Clients
  • You are able to quickly locate necessary documents
  • You are able to quickly and efficiently provide supporting documentation to clients, such as delivery notes and contracts.
  • Ability to assist clients even when you are not in the office.Remember, happy clients equal continued business…
Increased Profits
  • Less wasted time spent on looking for documents, and more productive time available
  • More office space- off-site storage of documents allows for more affordable archiving space.
  • Collection of outstanding invoices are better dealt with supporting documentation, such as delivery notes, to ensure payment form debtors.


Minimised Risk & Compliance
  • You will ensure that your business will continue to operate in the unfortunate even of a building burning down, or if pipes burst in the office.
  • You will be able have more streamlined audits.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation including, SARS, NARS, POPI etc.
  • Complete audit trails.


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