Document Management Software
Storafile has always and continues to invest in Document Management Software so that you don’t need to.

While each business may have specific needs and wants, we have developed our broad model so that we are able to provide you with several options to manage your specific documents:

  • Web-hosted software: where we upload, index and manage our clients’ documents
  • Dedicated hosting: where we upload, index and manage our clients’ documents all on their very own dedicated server (specifically for larger clients)
  • Self–managed software where the software is licenced to our client and is installed on our clients’ premises.

Our software has been internally developed by our team, with their expert knowledge and insight into the document management industry.

We understand what’s important for our clients including, protected security measures, access controlled user profiles across departments and quick accessibility from your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

We also work with you to provide different modules depending on your specific needs, such as data capturing, or processing modules. Therefore allowing you to manage & process your documents as you need, yet also benefit from our expert knowledge.

Our software, therefore, allows access to your records quickly and easily when you need them in order to make better, informed business decisions. It also has the ability to access analytical reporting based on the information which is needed and extracted.

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