Book ScanningWhile the preservation of physical books is of significant value, it is also important to note that the digitisation of books will assist in preserving knowledge and being able to share it more with a much further reach.
Book FriendlyAs companies and libraries become more “digital friendly” conventional libraries and books become less appealing as you are able to access similar information digitally in the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, valuable information contained in the thesis, historic diaries and company profiles become unattainable and their potential value is lost. Scanning these books will give their information life and add value to all those who have access to it.

Highly sensitive documents, maps, drawings and newspaper articles capturing our history is also scanned using our Bookeye Scanners.

Storafile UsesThe Bookeye Scanners due to the various benefits
Natural StateDocuments remain in their “natural” state on the scan surface.
They Do Not NeedTo be unbound, separated or carefully positioned.
The Automatic BookFold correction effectively reduces shadows and distortions of thick bound books.
The Operator PreservesThe original document and achieves optimal reproduction quality.
A Book HolderSupports extremely fragile books.

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