Data Capturing / IndexingWhile records management is about the safekeeping of your documents indexing allows you to locate these documents. Without accurate and efficient indexing, your archived documents will be difficult to find.
Accurate Indexing and Data Capture Allows For:
Easy LocationTells you where you can find the record in what box.
Reduced CostsIt saves you time, and therefore money when looking for a document.
Business ContinuityAllows for continuity with new and existing staff.
FlexibilityDifferent document types have different characteristics and information efficient indexing should reflect this.
Access to Databases and TrendsAllows you to extract important information from forms in order to analyse, interpret and use information.
Storafile Has Dedicated ExpertsWho is trained in their ability to index the information presented to them. Our system also allows for specific control measures to ensure the accuracy of the information captured, as well as OCR (optical character recognition) and barcode reading capabilities to ensure efficiency throughout the entire process.
Our Data Capture ModuleAllows for a “Capture & Verify” process to take place whereby you can capture the records placed in a box for storage or scanning and the Storafile team will verify the data and revert back with any discrepancies.

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