Offsite Document StorageMany people feel more comfortable when important documents are within their grasp. But what happens if there’s a disaster where your documents are unexpectedly damaged or lost forever due to a disaster such as a burst water pipe, rain leakage, or a fire? Not to mention the repercussions to unauthorised access to confidential information.
Secure and Accessible Offsite StorageAt Storafile you can enjoy cost-effective offsite storage while having the added benefit of access to its records at your fingertips. Our on-demand scanning allows our clients quick and efficient access to documents that are stored offsite by downloading needed documents via our document management software.
We Will Help YouCategorise and create a control list for your documents.

- Sort, pack and label your boxes and files.
- Create a simple and effective way to alert you to boxes that are no longer required to be kept.
- Actively manage your archived files.

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