Records Management File Plan and PolicyA records management file plan and policy is the standard of record-keeping practices in a company. There are various business factors that need to work together to ensure your records are managed effectively.
Our ProcessesAllow us to develop a file plan specifically for your company which will accomplish the following goals:
Provide a Systematic FrameworkFor the classification of all records in active, semi-active and inactive stages of a document.
Assist StaffIn the orderly filing and retrieval of records.
Ensure RecordsAre retained and destroyed or preserved in accordance with legal and fiscal requirements, archival value, and operational needs.
Reduce The Volume of RecordsIn the offices by providing guidelines on the retention and destruction of records.
DistinguishBetween official records and convenience copies or duplicates.
Electronic FilingHave a standardised electronic filing system.
Individualised SolutionsWe believe in developing individualised solutions in order to assist our clients by optimising their data storage systems and processes, including indexing and cataloguing, protecting and restricting access to files and back-up of files.

This Includes :

CompleteNeeds analysis or document audit.
Policy UpdatingOr creation with Retention Schedule
FilePlan Creation

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