What to Consider When Implementing a Document Management Solution
Deciding the MixBetween offsite document storage and scanning of your important documents and then what document retrieval software to choose can be a daunting task because of the various options that are available, and most certainly because of what your budget may allow. Furthermore, considerations such as where scanned images will be hosted and retrieved together with security measures needed will need to be explored.
By Answering the Following QuestionsIt will allow you the opportunity to think about what will be important in your document management solution going forward, and what your needs are:
Do you know

What documents types are most important to your company?

Do you know

How long each of those document types needs to be stored for?


Frequently do you access these documents?

What are

The risks associated with these documents? i.e. if they were lost/misplaced or burnt down.

How frequently

Do you need to access the original document vs sending a scanned image?

Are you

Dependent on one person to find archived documents in your company?

How much time

Do you spend looking for documentation? And do you find the document you are looking for?


Secure and compliant is your current filing/archiving system?

What is

Your objective in the implementation of a document management solution?

Do you

Have a document management policy or file plan in place?

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